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Here is the collection of websites, related to Love. Imagine that you are in love and going through some emotional unknown experiences. Their are lots of discussions all ready made on the net about Love. Here is what you can need when you are in love or want to know about love Scientific and Non Scientific way, How To Love, Love Calculators, Love Quotes, Defining Love, Know the Difference Between Love-Infatuation and Lust, How To Have a Healthy Relationship, Love Poems, What Is Love On Chemical Basis/Psychological Basis, Love Calculator, How Love Works, Love Stories, Love Pictures, Religious Views of Love, Test or Calculate Your Love etc. Here is the story and the net research, definitions of Love and everything about Love.


“Love can’t be created, can’t be destroyed. Love has the power to transform you, Love can give you pain as well as happiness (Joy). Love can make you man as well as mad. Love has dual nature, like Light (particles and waves both). That’s why Love has no existence, but it exists; Love is no ware but it’s every ware; Love is nothing but everything. Love is dual in nature, it can come to you in any shape or shapeless. That’s why Love is God........... (can become Evil too)......... beware of Love...... It’s upon You. Believe in the omnipotent power of Love.”—Himanshu Kumar Singh.
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