Save Energy, Water, And Earth Tips.

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Today is conservation day (14 Dec ) . Today morning I got to many messages from my friends and various organization. I am conscious about saving energy(electricity) and water. This was the main reason in my family for conflicts. I was trying to convenience them necessity of energy saving, slow & steady all in the family agree on energy saving benefits.

This article is purely devoted for energy saving and conservation of earth. Every one should contribute in this matter. If we want to give green and clean earth to our children, then we must save energy and protect earth from various types of pollution.

We have to work on simple steps nothing else to do, those simple steps are as follow;

Energy saving while driving

  • Drive at 40-50km/hr.
  • Proper selection of gears.
  • Use clutch pedal while changing gears.
  • Keep air and oil filters clean.
  • Maintain optimum tire pressure.
  • Take shortest route. Use GPS in unknown city.
  • Don't overload the vehicle unless essential.
  • Use public transport, it prevent pollution, energy, and money.

Electrical energy saving.

  • Switch off lights and fans when not required.
  • Use CFL instead of GSL lamps.
  • Light coloured painting.
  • Use sun light to to it's desired effect by proper ventilation.
  • Use energy efficient motors.
  • Use correct rating of power cables.
  • Use light weight fans with electronic regulator.
  • Don't put Television and other remote controlled sets in standby mode.
  • Avoid using of fan for drying clothes.
  • Replace 40W tube light by equivalent output 36W tube lights.
  • Use hibernate option instead of full shutdown to your PC.
  • Keep refrigerator away from wall by at least 200 mm.
  • Avoid frequent closing and opening of refrigerator door.
  • Use washing machine to its full capacity.
  • If immersion rods are used, switch off when water is heated to the required level.
  • Use Non-conventional energy sources like bio-gas, solar heaters/cookers, and wind mill to extent possible.
  • Clean bulbs and lights periodically to avoid reduction in illumination level.

Energy saving while cooking.

  • Use proper utensils for cooking.
  • Use copper and concave bottom for better heating effect.
  • Selection of proportionate utensils to the quantity of food to be cooked.
  • Ensure colour of burner flame to be blue by regular cleaning of burners.
  • Do initial preparation before putting ON gas.
  • Optimum usage of water quantity.
  • Allow frozen foods to reach room temperature before cooking.
  • Use insulated container for during heated food.

This tips are easy to follow steps but effective for changing the world. Just start following yourself and convince others to follow. You can change the world.
Comment your own tips, if it is not mentioned above.
Thanks to J.T.Kuwar for valuable tips & article.

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