Nokia Dual SIM Mobile Phones. C1 & C2.

Yes Nokia announced Dual SIM mobile phones, C series from Nokia supports Dual SIM Card. This C series Dual SIM card is priced very less, and it is fit for India. The Nokia C1 (C1-00) series allows you to have the one handset with two SIM cards.

It will be very useful for the people those who are travelling a lot, or wants to get the advantages of various call rates. It is very easy to switch between two sim cards, and thus you can use both sim cards and get the advantages of it.

Below are the brief specification of C1 (C1-00) Dual SIM Nokia  handset.

OS: Series30.Nokia-C1-Dual-SIM-Mobile-Phone

Dual SIM: Yes.

Standby Battery: Six Weeks.

Phone Book: 500 Phone Nos.

SMS: 250 sms Onboard.

Flash Light (Torch), FM Radio with 3.5mm Head Phone Jack.

Dimensions: 15mm Thin, 73g Weight.

Colours: C1 (C1-00) Will be available in Blue, Red, Light Gray and Green.

Other step of Nokia, towards Dual SIM is Nokia C2. This C2 will offer the users of nokia with two sim cards in one handset. Nokia C2 hand set can keep 2 (two) SIM cards active at the same time. Both sim cards active means call and sms can be received on either number (both sim card at the same time). Dual SIM card handset C2 from Nokia doesn’t need to switch between the sim cards.

One best thing on C2 Nokia is that, one sim card is locatedNokia-C2-Dual-SIM-Mobile-Phone underneath battery and another SIM card is swappable(you can insert or remove another SIM card while the phone is ON, doesn't need to take out the battery).

Brief Specification of Nokia C2 Dual SIM card Phone:

OS: Series 40.

Dual SIM: Yes.

Standby Battery: 16.5 Days.

Phone Book: 1,000 Phone Nos.

Camera: VGA Camera.

Bluetooth: Yes.

GPRS: Yes.

Colours: Nokia Dual SIM will be available in Gray, Black, Dark Blue, and White.

Ovi Life Tools, Ovi Mail, Music player, Micro SD Card support upto 32 GB.

In India already many mobile phone manufactures (Micromax, Lion, LG etc.) are marketing and advertising Dual SIM mobile phones, so it is little late for Nokia launching Dual sim mobile phones in India. But Nokia user base in India is very big/strong, and nothing can stop to Nokia fans for using Nokia phones, Nokia’s test is little different.

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