Free Network, Nokia Instant Community.

Nokia research centre (NRC) in conjunction with Tampere UniversityInstant Community Nokia of Technology (TUT), came out with a new concept, and getting popular with the name , “Nokia Instant Community”. This new concept “Nokia Instant Community” will let you Chat, Share video, music, photos, content etc. with those who have the same  technology and concept with them. It will allow you to connect with infinite amount of friends and devices over huge geographical area.

The concept is new because it doesn’t need any Internet connection, any Bluetooth or Infrared, connection, and it doesn’t

need to find out any wifi hot spot area. It works completely by using the device’s adhoc wifi connections. You can make any no. of friends while moving anywhere and everywhere, without any cost. Yes if you don’t want to be disturbed or if want to hide yourself,Nokia Instant Community than you can simply switch off the application. 

Nokia Instant Community is still in the research stage at the moment, but going to boom soon among us for use. Instant Community makes you social, it is going to beat all current social networking. Here is a video below, you can see the demonstration of “Nokia Instant Community”.

I am waiting for this technology to come soon, after watching the above videos, what do you thing? Just comment your views.

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