BSE Sensex historical dates 18000 points.

Yesterday 8-April 2010 was a historical day in an Indian share market, as Sensex crossed 18000 point. Sensex touched 26 months high record. Sensex repeated the approximately 2 years 2 months/26 months high record. The sensex 18000 historical point is backed by global trends. The sensex level of 18000 was last seen on 9 Oct 2007 when it was going up towards 21000 points. After that the point of 18000 (Sensex) was again repeated on 18 Jan 2008 while going down towards 8000. Yesterday on 7 April 2010 again sensex crossed the historical point of 18000 and no body can say that this is the sign of going up or going down, because share market is the game of uncertainty, and any thing can happen in the world of stock exchange world wide.
All Asian markets are also on rally towards 19 months high. Lots of Predictions are being made that the Industries will give a good Q4 results.
These all historical trends seems little relative to each other, as US markets had also reached towards 18-months high on 1-4-2010.
But as usual for the Share market; when ever you will, think of doing trade(or you will, decide to do some interaday trading), that day the market will be volatile or will start crashing like a falling arrow. That's the Share market.
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