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You might not know that I am little engaged with share market too. In India share market index is known as sensex and nifty. there are two markets in India namely BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange). My Indian visitor friends may be knowing that; and clearly speaking I am not here to explain the share markets of India. From last 1-2 years I was searching for a gadget or widget or small software which can display the sensex or index of the Indian share market. Now I got the software/gadget/widget which can display live sensex or index on the desktop while doing other activity on your PC. Market Watch is a gadget, which gets BSE data on your Desktop. It is a Free to use tool and gives a good view of the market to the users. You need not be a registered user with to use Market Watch. The gadget shows many things e.g. live sensex/index, live graph of BSE, top trade in A group, top gainers or losers in BSE group wise and lot more things.So if you are in India and engaged in share market with NSE or BSE then you sure try this gadget. It is not to worry because the market watch gadget is free to use from BSE India. You need to be connected to the internet to use Market Watch Gadget, if you don’t want to use Market Watch Gadget then simply cross it at right side up to close the Market Watch Gadget. This Market Watch Gadget can be placed any ware on the Desktop or on your Screen. The System Requirements for this Market Watch gadget is as follows: Supports OS: Win98 or above; Supported Browser: Internet Explorer 5.0 or above, Netscape7.0, Mozilla; It should have Minimum Free Disk space of 10MB; Required RAM: Minimum 64 MB.

1) To get this Market Watch Gadget/Software/Widget downloaded, click below direct download link:

2) Or if you want detailed information about Market Watch Gadget then click below to see it on BSEindia site.

See Update of BSE Sensex Gadget at : .

As I tested this; It works good on Win98, Windows XP, but hanging on Windows Vista. How is this BSE Market Watch Gadget? Comment me your opinions. Happy Trading, Yours truly, SearchFreak.Blogspot.Com .

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  1. Hi
    I am Rahul Ratna, new in stock market but very very interested in it. I read your articles, and I found you can help me to know more about BSE. I want to invest in BSE, can you please suggest me the best time to invest?

  2. Hi Rahul,
    As you are New and very Intrested in share market, it is obvious!
    If u want to invest in BSE than it would be better to invest at the end of Dec. 2008 and in Jan. 2009, here all prices you are getting are of Year 2006but all investment will be totally on your risk I will not be responsible for any Gain or Loss because i am not professional analyst and advisor, Investment months I am suggesting is on my experience, as I am also going to invest in the above months please mind it.
    There is no good time to enter and exit from the share market, no body is master in this share market. You have to keep learning years and years.......
    Always remember to invest only 25% from your balenced money or kept money, ans never borrow to invest.....
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  3. where i will get the gadget of sensex

  4. Sensex bounced exactly from the level of 16990, I had mentioned that sensex could hit 16969, sensex bounced exactly from 16990.

    What next?
    August will be volatile month and will see turbulent markets, the present correction would end in September, when markets take off in a big way.

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  5. It is very difficult to predict where are markets headed? but, I feel we may have a little more selling before a decent move higher.
    At some point this market will rally and will rally hard. Remember there are a lot of participants who view this selloff as excessive and based on fear.

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