Free Browser Internet Explorer 8 Beta download

Dear Search friends; Here is a browser again, Now Microsoft has launched Internet Explorer 8 Beta. This version is still in beta version (don’t know when Microsoft will launch full version). They said that it is Free Internet Explorer 8 Beta version. Obviously, it is not to say that Internet Explorer will only run on Windows 98, XP, Vista; It will not run on Linux Distributions. There are lots of Add-ons to enhance the software culpability. Top features of Internet Explorer 8 Beta, are “In Private Browsing, “Smart screen Filter”, “Search Suggestions”, “Web Slices”, “Accelerator”, “Compatibility View”. So friends have a download of it and see the difference, between Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 Beta. 1). This is the Internet Explorer 8 Beta Homepage site. To download Internet Explorer 8 Beta Free click this Link 2). Another Windows Site for Internet Explorer 8 Beta download with Language options and OS options is as below. Click the below link to download Internet Explorer 8 Beta version in your language. Frends Enjoy Till The End Of Today because their is no Yesterday.

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