Pictorial Warning On Tobacco Proudcts In India

Hi Search Freaks, Finally the day come, to show pictorial warning to deter people from smoking. In India the notification by the Health Minister on August 30th is announced, giving the tobacco industry 3 months dead line to introduce the new labels on tobacco products. The Cigarette and Bidi packs will have to carry either a photograph of infected human lungs or an X-ray plate of the chest of a cancer-infected man, packets of chewing and smokeless tobacco products will have to carry a graphic image of a Scorpion depicting Cancer. Also the message “Smoking Kills” on cigarette and Bidi products and “Tobacco Kills” on smokeless or chewing tobacco products will appear in white font on a red background. I don’t know weather this is a good news or a bad news, this will put impact on smokers or not? Regular smokers will not bother about this, but I think Teenagers will think twice before starting smoking in the beginning. So hope for the best. Yours Searchfreak.blogspot.com

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