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Hi Friends Freaks, In My last post I gave the Download link for Jardinains (DOS / Windows PC Game), The Link is as follows. http://searchfreak.blogspot.com/2008/08/jardinains-dos-game-download.html

Now I would like to give you the Cheat Codes, Tips, Tricks for Jardinains Game.

See the step by step guidance for the Jardinains Cheat Code, Tips, Tricks;

1). Pause the game you're currently playing or just start the game and press P to pause the game(For pauseing the game don’t use the Escape key.)

2). Once you see the "Game Paused" on the screen, press the back tick key[~ `] is at left-top of your Keyboard. You will see the words "Enter cheat code" in the middle of your screen.

3). Type in the cheat code you wish to use. The available codes are as follows:

# Type gomomgo to gain an additional 30 lives.

# Type they're everywhere to create a whole bunch of nains.

# Type upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart or uuddlrlrba (version 1.1 and up) to power-up your ball.

# Type 20 goto ## to warp to level ##. (Instead of actually typing ##, type the number of the level you want to warp to, like 20 goto 10 or 20 goto 35.)

4). Each time you hit a key, you should hear a popping sound. (You won't see the letters you're typing appear on the screen.) Once you've finished entering your cheat code, press the [ENTER] key.

5). If you entered the code correctly, you'll hear a nain say, "Whaoh!" Otherwise, you'll hear a clanking noise. If you hear the clanking noise, go back to step 2 and try

entering the code again. Make sure that your caps-lock key isn't on before going back to step 2.

Once you've entered your code or codes successfully, press [P] to resume play. That's all there is to it!

6). To find and change a player's password: To find the password of the player, go to the folder(C:\Program Files\Jardinains!\data\players) and by using a text editor open(Ex.: Notepad) the players file. The name and passwords of the players will be displayed there. You can change the passwords of the other players without their knowledge.

7). This is a useful Cheat to get to last levels without playing any of the first: First make a backup of the game then go to (Jardinains!\DATA\LEVELS\CURRENT) Now rename LEVEL_1.LVL to LEVEL_51.LVL and LEVEL_51.LVL to LEVEL_1.LVL. Start the game then you will start with the last level(i.e. level 51). You can do this with all the levels by changing their name with each other.

8). Here is a very dangerous trick, here you can edit the whole Jardinains game. With this trick you can make your own game and difficulties in the levels. So have a try on this Jardinains trick, but don’t destroy the game.

A). Open the game.

B). In the menu (continue game, new game, options....etc), press "E".

C). You will enter the edit mode.

D). Now here you can make your own Jardinains game and levels, have a decoration and place the bricks as you want.

IMPORTANT FOOTNOTE: When you use a cheat code, the game you're playing doesn't get counted towards your statistics, such as high score and high level. If it did, then anyone could just keep giving themselves as many lives as they needed to beat the high score!

So Freaks have a fun and enjoy the Jardinains game…

Have a fun, Your’s and Only Yours SearchFreak.blogsppot.com.

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