Professor Albert Einstein's Wrist Watch Auction.

My Dear Freak Readers, I am a fan of Prof. Albert Einstein. Who don’t know Albert Einstein ? I am reading Theory of Relativity, Space and Time etc from my child hood, as I have deep interest in science, and experiments. When I was a small child, family and friends ware use to ask me about, what you will become after growing up? And I use to answer “Scientist” always…. But…. You might be knowing that “Life Is Like That”.In front of my table(where I use to sit and work on P.C) I placed Prof. Einstein’s photo. Sir. Professor Albert Einstein is my IDOL.
Recently I come to know that Prof. Albert Einstein’s wrist watch is for sell or auction. Actually I got little depressed after this news, I really don’t know why. This news came from Antiquorum Auctioneers. Dear friends the time has been changed from Albert Einstein’s age to this age. The Albert Einstein’s watch is for sell or auction in Relative of Time. It is a unique and historically important wrist watch, made in 1930. The watch was presented to Professor Albert Einstein on February 16, 1931 in los Angeles. It is fine, tonneau-shaped, 14 Karat yellow gold wrist watch. The auction of this watch will start on Thursday, October16 2008. The Estimate of this watch is in between $25,000 - $35,000. The venue for the auction of the Albert Einstein’s wrist watch will be at : The Auction Thursday, October 16
First Session begins at 11amSecond Session begins at 2pm
Antiquorum, The New York TimeZone,
595 Madison Avenue,
5th fl New York,
NY 10022 Auctions Preview will held at different parts of the world i.e. Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beverly Hills, New York. I don’t know about the correctness of the information about the Albert Einstein’s wrist watch, dates mentioned above, about the venue of the auction and the image of Einstein's wrist watch. This information is from Antiquorum; so for more details and information go to the url of Antiquorum or contact them. News / Press page of Antiquorum. Home Page of Antiquorum.
So friends keep in touch with searchfreak. Some times or the age after My Wrist Watch may also come for Auction… God knows! Because Life Is Like That.

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