Apple i-Pad, Specifications & Features. “It’s Different”.

Today Apple announced the “i Pad” on 25-01-2010 Wednesday. Its a touch screen tablet computer with 9.7 inch screen. i Pad! yes i pad, its the new name pronounced inApple iPad the world from Apple. Its the combination of every thing you want to keep with you, every time. You can take your Movie, Songs/Music, TV shows, Games, Photos, can read E-Books, E-mails, and be 24/7 online. 

These all you can keep with you because its only 1.5 Pound or Approx. 700 Gram only with 10 Hours of battery backup. The iPad tablet is multi touch having finger gestures like iPhone. As “Ross Rubin” said “As its having larger screen it will require less swiping to navigation ratio”.

“iPad” is also going to capture the market of E-Book readers; in the coming year we will see the e-book readers every ware selling with the label of many recognised companies like Sony, Samsung, Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Hearst Corp.(companies names are not written according to their rankings or positions, it's random) etc. Apple is using the ePub format, the most popular open book format in the world. iPad is bundled with personal media which you can carry with you most of the time. iPad Apple

It can be a tough competition for Apple iPad, in the time of recession where whole world is still not fully came out of it, and where lots of netbooks are already their in the market with the price between $300 to $ 500; but one thing is that you can't compare netbooks with Apple's iPad, you can say that “It's different!”.

There is only a single mechanical button on the device,“ON” button. Nothing to say about OS, it will be Apple's only, as Apple is famous for their own OS. The iPhone apps can also run on iPad in the middle of the screen or, by doubling the pixels. The “iPad” SDK is also going to be launched today, as soon as the iPad SDK will launch I will try to cover the topic in my blog. Thin Apple iPad The New Launched Apple's “iPad” Specification as I tried to gather is as below:

  • Weight : 1.5 Pounds.
  • Thickness : 0.5 inch.
  • Display Size : 9.7 inch.
  • Processor : Apple's 1GHz A4 Processor.
  • Battery Backup: 10 Hours.
  • OS : Apple.
  • Display : Multi Touch Screen IPS Display, Super Precise.
  • Storage : 16 GB of Memory, 32-64 GB(Giga Bytes) Flash Storage, Expandable.
  • Wi-Fi : 802.11n Wi-Fi.
  • Compass : Yes.
  • Speaker :Yes.
  • Microphone : Yes.
  • Bluetooth : Yes.
  • Accelerometer: Yes.

Features and Uses of iPad: Safari Browser, Calendar, E-Mail, Contacts, Spotlight, Search, Photos, Videos, YouTube, iPod, iTunes, App Store, iBooks, Maps, Notes.

                                       Launching video of “i Pad” on YouTube

If you want to read more launching news about Apple iPad visit NYTimes Apple iPad. Starting price of i-Pad is declared as $499 on Apple site. You can also visit Apple YouTube Apple iPadwebsite  to see more images, features and uses of iPad at Apple iPad and Apple iPad  Features.


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