Busy In Developing New Site, http://TheZeroLife.Com

Hi My dear Sear Freak Friends, Sorry for not being with all of you from last few days. actually I am little busy, in the development of my new site http://TheZeroLife.com. Every day I am working with lots of themes, colours, background images etc. till now I have testes about 1100 different themes, but due to some minor and some major problems with themes, I am unable to finalise it. Lot’s of customization, settings and coding, I have to do with new my site. Let’s see how much I am going to achieve and in what time. I think it will take more 2-4 days to start writing again, I wish to give you the best in Technology and Life. Keep Searching become Search Freak, because we all have The Zero Life get Nothing or Everything. Life’s Like That.

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