Get Free Linux OS Now! Open Solaris New Release.

Open Solaris”. Open means Open for all, Open source, Open to see, Open for change/development, Open for download etc .... Yes! “Open” can have many meanings to this computer and information technology age, and spreading very fast like tornado.

OpenSolaris is an open source project created by Sun Microsystems in 2005 to build a developer community around the Solaris Operating System (OS). In May 2008 the community delivered the OpenSolaris Operating System, a single distribution for desktop, server and HPC deployments. OpenSolaris, based on the Solaris kernel and created through community collaboration, delivers an unrivalled development and deployment environment offering the right mix of rapid innovation, platform stability and support to meet business and development needs.OpenSolaris

A new launch of OpenSolaris 2009.06 have lots of new features in networking, storage and virtualization, along with regular updates. OpenSolaris can run or can be installed on smallest Intel Atom processors. You can download Open Solaris for free here . The downloaded Open Solaris will be in .iso format, and you have to make a live CD, using image writing software. These types of image writing software use to write .iso files in a bootable image on or makes live CD, DVD or USB. Like other files on your computer, .iso files can't be accessed or used. To convert/make .iso Linux files (it may be any distribution Open Solaris, Ubuntu, Fedora etc.) into live CD or DVD you will need a image writing software or CD, DVD, image burning utility. A nice and most used image burning/writing software is Infra Recorder, Infra Recorder is free to use and available on sourceforge for download, download free .iso to image burning Infra Recorder and burn you downloaded .iso file in to CD or DVD, another .iso to image writing software is ISO Recorder and you can also use ISO Recorder for making .iso to Live CD or DVD.

Open Solaris also allows developers to try the OS before installation, and to select, install, and upgrade additional components using the OpenSolaris Image Packaging System. To learn more about Open Solaris read Learn About Open Solaris and also see How to guide for Open Solaris. If you are new to Open Solaris than you must read Exploring the OpenSolaris Software, Exploring the OpenSolaris Live CD and many more FAQ for Open Solaris this FAQ for Open Solaris can solve your many problems. Here are some PDF files which can be useful for you if you are planning to download and install Open Solaris on your computer (desktop or laptop), OpenSolaris Student Data Sheet and OpenSolaris Data Sheet. Sun Microsystems is having very good support and software for virtualization.

Read here all about the features of OpenSolaris on Server, Desktop etc. Sun Microsystems is having tons of open source software, and many of them are already being used on nearly all distributions of Linux, few of them are Javafx, VirtualBox, OpenOffice.Org and lot more, thanks to Sun. Keep comment if you want to know more about Linux Distributions, Linux Installations, and .iso burning etc. keep searching and become a search freak.

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