Know Your Bluetooth Headset, Pass Code, Use, Pair.

You may have seen to many people, wearing a wireless head set and roaming around while talking. These are nothing but the blue tooth head set. Blue tooth head sets doesn't requires any wire connections to the mobile phone. You can use your mobile phone, make calls and receive phone calls without touching to your mobile phone. If you bought a new Bluetooth head set than here is a guide, which is going to explain you about, how to pair Bluetooth head set with your mobile and computer, how to make call and receive calls using your Blue tooth head set, how to take care of your Bluetooth head set, how to charge your head set, what is the meaning of different colours and led flash indicators of single multicolour LED on the blue tooth head set, and what will be the pass code for pairing of blue tooth head set with your mobile phone.bluetooth headset2

Blue tooth head set (BH) can allow you to make call and receive calls through your mobile phone wirelessly, while your mobile phone is kept into your pocket. Blue tooth head set or any blue tooth embedded device makes it possible to connect with another Bluetooth embedded devices without using cables or wires. A Bluetooth connection doesn't require your mobile phone and the headset be in line of sight, but it strictly requires that both devices should be switched ON and be within 10 meters or 30 feet from each other. The range(distance) between two bluetooth devices can vary because of interference such as electronics devices, other EMF generating source, walls etc. Before you start using your Bluetooth head set for the first time you must fully charge the head set battery.

How to charge the Bluetooth Headset chargeable internal battery. bluetooth headset1

(A) Connect the charger to the wall socket of 230V or 115V AC as specified on the charger cabinet, if you not received the charger with your bluetooth head set, than it is possible that you may get the usb to bluetooth cable, just connect it between your computer USB and your bluetooth head set. If the connection is ok and your bluetooth head set starts charging than a continuous RED LED light will start lighting. If charging does not start, disconnect the charger(computer side USB connector) and plug it again, and the charging may start. Full charging of Bluetooth Head set battery may take up to 2 hours. When the battery is fully charged , the RED LED indicator light on head set will turn OFF and it means that the battery of head set is fully charged. Now disconnect the charger from the socket or form the USB of PC and separate your blue tooth head set.

(B) A fully charged battery of a blue tooth head set, can give you up to, 4 hours of talk time or up to 60 hours of stand by time. However the talk time hours and standby hours or time may vary when used with different mobile phones, user settings, usage style, volume, and environment. When the battery will start running out of power than the RED indicator LED light will start to flash and their will be 5 prompt sound every after 20 seconds.

How to switch ON and OFF the Bluetooth headset.bluetooth headset4

(C) To switch ON your head set, press and hold answer/call/end key (their is only one button/key/press switch on most of the Bluetooth head sets) for 4 seconds, and the Blue LED indicator light starts to flash 4 times and their will be a prompt sound.

(D) To switch OFF your blue tooth head set, press and hold the answer/call/end key for 4 seconds until head set beeps 2 times and the RED LED indicator light flashes twice, and your Bluetooth head set is switched OFF now and no battery and power will be consumed.

How to pair the Bluetooth headset with the Mobile Phone.

Here is the general Bluetooth headset pairing techniques, you can use this technique between almost all BT headsets and mobile phones. (E) First make sure that your bt head set is turned OFF. (F) Push the answer/call/end key on the Bluetooth headset for 6 Seconds until the RED indicator light flashes alternately. (G) Switch ON bluetooth on your mobile phone(you can get bluetooth feature under connectivity option on most of the mobile handsets), and make sure to make it visible to all. Search the bluetooth devices from your mobile phone, under search option or under find more devices option. Your mobile phone will detect your bluetooth headset and will show the BT head set name such as BHxx (BH32 etc.) under found new devices list, choose the proper name which assigns your Bluetooth headset(read your Bluetooth headset manual for the name of your BT head set device). Click on the name it will ask you the pass code enter 0000, or 1234, or 1111 (or read your BT headset user manual and find out and enterbluetooth headset3 the pass code which came with your BT headset). Most of the Bluetooth head set accepts the pass code of 0000, and don't worry it will not block your mobile phone or your headset. You only to pair your headset and mobile phone only once. (H) If the pairing between head set and mobile phone is successful than the headset Blue light will flash 12 times briefly for the first time followed by a single flash every 3 seconds. Now you can see the name of your blue tooth headset into your mobile phone under the paired devices list.

How to disconnect the Bluetooth headset from your mobile phone.(I) To use the BT head set with your PC or the laptop, you will need a Bluetooth adapter(USB Bluetooth adapter) to be connected into your desktop or laptop. USB Bluetooth adapter comes with a software, and you will have to install this software on your computer. Switch ON the bluetooth headset, than find the activated devices through the software on your computer and then pair with the above pass codes. Thus you can use the BT headset, for chat online with your friends wirelessly, or can use with your VOIP services.

Remember that your headset can be used on one mobile phone at a time, to use it with different handset or another handset you will have to first disconnect it from first handset. Their are various methods of disconnecting your head set from your mobileNokia 6630 phone, few of them are as follows. (a) Switch OFF the bluetooth headset. (b) Disconnect the Bluetooth headset through your mobile phone . (c) Move the headset more than 10 meters or 30 feet away from the mobile phone. Take care not to delete the paired head set from your mobile phone, paired devices list, it will lead you to pair the BT headset again.

How to make/receive the call through BT headset.

(J) To make a call while wearing BT headset, just dial the numbers through your mobile phone, after dialling; you will listen the ring into your ear through Bluetooth headset. Some mobile phones also supports the voice calling, this can also be done using your BT headset. You will have to press the headset push button/call/answer for 3 seconds, and your mobile phone will start listening the names from your contact list. This dialling method needs lots of practice, and still it is not fool proof and many times dials the wrong number from your contact list. So the dialling using your mobile phone is only the perfect way to dial the desired number while using Bluetooth headset. (K) To end the call while talking through BT headset, just press the call/end/answer push button or key on the headset or cut/end the call through your mobile phone. (L) To answer the incoming call through your BT headset just press the call/end/answer key on the head set or you can also use the phone key to receive the call. If the automatic answer function is set ON, on your mobile phone, than the phone will automatically direct your call to your Bluetooth headset after certain numbers of rings.

Taking Care, Maintaining & Troubleshooting your Bluetooth Headset. HTC Touch 3452

(M) Ensure that the battery is charged before connecting and using the head set with your phone. (N) Always keep your head set within the range of 10 meters or 30 feet from your mobile phone or computer. (O) It is suggested that to put your mobile and ware your head set at the same side of your body. (P) The full performance of a new battery will be achieved only after 2-3 complete charge and discharge cycles. (Q) Do not leave a fully charged battery connected to the charger, over charging may decrease its life time,and also it may dangerous. (R) Do not dispose the batteries in a fire as they may explode. Keep the device dry; precipitation, humidity, or moisture can corrode electronics circuits. Don't use the Bluetooth Headset in rainy season. Enjoy the Bluetooth Headset but keep it away from children. If any doubt than ask in comment, get into knowledge, be search freak.

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