All About Jolicloud, Free Download, Installation & Use

In my last post I wrote about Jolicloud, a social OS for your Netbook, actually Jolicloud is solving all the purposes for which the Netbook is designed, thus you can say Jolicloud a social OS and its defining Net books. Jolicloud is still in alpha mode and it is free tojolicloud-usb-creator mac ( download and use, download is only available on invitation based, and I feel my self Lucky to get the download invitation. Register your self to get the download invitation code and download link of Jolicloud.

To download and install Jolicloud on your Netbook, you will need a USB key or a flash disk. The Jolicloud ISO is 600MB, so you will need at least a 1GB USB key. Please be sure that you have no files saved on your key or disk as they will be deleted during the key creation process which takes about 30 minutes. Download Jolicloud and experience a new world of computing on Netbook or Netpc. Here you will get the explanations of all the steps involved between downloading and using of Jolicloud on your Netbook. To get your answers such as “How to download Jolicloud ISO, Form where you can download Jolicloud USB creator, How to create Jolicloud USB key, How to install Jolicloud on your Netbook, Activating your Jolicloud account, How to install applications on Your Jolicloud OS, Installing Jolicloud updates, and How to find and follow other Jolicloud users”, visit this page All about Jolicloud Installation Process and Use, still if you have any question regarding Jolicloud than feel free to ask in comment section below. Jolicloud applications (

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