Get OS For Your Netbook Free, Jolicloud Social OS.

Jolicloud ! You sure may have came across the name NetBook, now a days this word is very famous around us. Net books are laptops, whose working and uses are mostly dependent on(related to) internet, as many thing makes it different from laptop. Ok . Tariq Krim and team created a OS named Jolicloud to satisfy the users of NetBooks. Jolicloud is a Linux-based netbook OS based on Ubuntu NetBook remix (UNR), it is designed specifically for  Netbooks. Jolicloud is in its alpha testing mode and only you can download it through invitations. You have to just submit your E-Mail to My Jolicloud and you will get the download link from the developer (as it may take time). The download will be a live CD installer and may size 600MB. You will have to mount the ISO file on a USB drive using USB creator software. Thus it will become ready for installation on your NetBook.


Jolicloud is distribute in ISO format. Netbook requires lightweight OS and processing speed, the Jolicloud meets all these parameters easily, if you have net book than definitely decide to install jolicloud on your Netbook. Jolicloud have Mozilla's prism  dashboard environment called My Jolicloud, the dashboard is the starting point of theJolicloud Invitation Jolicloud, and it contains news updates and software updates for your NetBook. Thus it makes all web based applications to be used outside of the browser. The application panel looks similar to the iPhone Application store from where you can choose the applications to install and uninstall in faster way. The web based applications like Google Docs, YouTube, can also be installed into your system using this, it has all social networking gadgets which you can need; also you can follow other Jolicloud users and get updates on what they are installing on their netbooks. Jolicloud has the function for search where you can type a query to find specific applications. Jolicloud has Jolicloud logoall conventional Linux applications Ex. Firefox, F-Spot photo manager, BitTorrent client, Pidgin instant messenger etc. Jolicloud is still in development process so don’t consider only this much in the final. Get Jolicloud invitation at My Jolicloud or visit the site at  Jolicloud . I personally think that Jolicloud Logo should improve or need more artistic design. See the You Tube video for Jolicloud

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