Swine Flu Protection With Mask. Know Which & How.

Swine Flu can be prevented with the proper use of masks, there are three types of masks available in the market. You should know about the masks which can prevent you from the Swine Flu. But which mask can prevent better do you know? Read to know the name of masks, how to use the mask, masks advantages and disadvantages. Lots of research are going on at different parts of the world.

There are three (3) types of masks available for the protection from Swine Flu, H1N1 influenza.

1. The Surgical Mask.

2. The Paper Mask.

3. The N-95 Mask.

The Surgical Mask: The Surgical Mask prevents droplets and viruses which are more than 4microns in diameter, like Influenza virus which causes the common cold. It is made of Paper with the coating of Gelatinous layer. It can be best used for outdoor and on public transports.Surgical Mask

Advantages of Surgical Mask: Comfortable to use, do not suffocate, can be adjusted for different sized heads, easy to use for children.

Disadvantages of Using Surgical Mask: Must be changed every Four (4 Hours) Hours, or if it wet with fluid. It doesn’t gives 100% protections for Swine Flu, H1N1 Influenza, it is better to use against normal cold viruses.

The Paper Mask: Paper face masks offers little protection against viruses as they do not have a filter. Anything with a diameter less than 5microns will be able to pass  through the paper mask and thus into the respiratory system.H1N1 Influenza Virus

Advantages of using Paper Mask: Easily available or can be easily constructed. People who serve food can use it for Hygiene. Also those who have Cough and Cold can use it for precautions.

Disadvantages of Using Paper Mask: Can easily spoil. Can tear easily tear because of moisture. Minimal protection against viruses.

The N-95 Mask: It is effective in catching very small particles, because of material used generates electrostatic charges. Particles(viruses) above 0.3microns can’t pass through it. Used to get protections against highly transmissible respiratory infections.

Advantages of Using N-95 Mask: Made of Polypropylene fiber it uses a Nonwoven Technology that increases the density and improves the filtering functions. Gives maximum protection against Swine Flu H1N1 Influenza viruses. N-95 Mask

Disadvantages of using N-95 Mask: It can be suffocating can experience breathing difficulties. Children can’t wear properly. It is costly and difficult to get easily.

How To use(Wear) these masks: Choose a small or proper size mask of your size. Pull the head bands lose, metallic strip should be uppermost, pass the hand through headbands.

Put on mask, head bands should be around the head and neck.

Press the metallic strip on both sides above your nose with forefingers and middle Protection India Swine Flufingers on both sides.

Cover mask gently with both hands. Breathe with deliberation, and take care that air  should not leak out from sides.

If you can’t afford the mask or if it is not available at you place due to some reason than remember to wear the cotton mask made by handkerchief it is better than nothing. To stop spreading Swine Flu H1N1 Influenza viruses and prevent yourself from infection. Read all precautions to be taken against spreading Swing Flu H1N1 Influenza viruses and to prevent yourself from infections.

Remember that “Prevention is always better than Cure”.

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