Eight New Reasons To Use Internet Explorer 8.

Here are the Eight Reasons to use Internet Explorer 8. Also see Download Internet Explorer 8 and I have Six Browsers on my desktop. Internet Explorer came up with new avatar called Internet Explorer 8. Read more about Internet Explorer 8. Below are the 8 reasons to use Internet Explorer 8:

1. Faster than ever: Surfing the web is now quicker than ever, with more intuitive address bar.

2. Easier than ever: In the same window you can achieve many tasks and functionality with the help of Accelerators.

3. Safer than ever: It is more safer than the previous versions of Internet Explorers it introduced new concept called Smart Screen filter and also gives the protections against malicious software.internet explorer

4. Updates in Browser: Keeps you updated with News, Stock quotes, or even auction items, now you can stay on top of sites that update frequently using Web Slices.

5. New Button For older Sites: An older sites which ware designed for an older browsers, now you can view these sites easily with one click on the Compatibility View button.

6. Isolated Tabs: If you Came across a site that caused a tab to crash, previously this causes to close (shut down)whole browser but now, your all browser session will be stable. Because of new tab isolation and crash recovery features introduced in Internet Explorer 8.

7. Private Browsing: Private Browsing gives you the option to prevent browsing history, cookies, usernames and passwords from being retained by the browser.

8. You can customise: Customize your browser by choosing from an ever growing collection of handy and easy-to-use Internet Explorer 8 add-ons from the Internet Explorer Add-ons Gallery.

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