I Have Six Powerful Browsers, Download All, Free.

I have 6 (six), browsers on my desktop. All browsers are different in their functionality, all have different speeds, every browser have merits and demerits. chromeAs differenoperat peoples likes and dislikes are not similar. Different people may like different browsers, but I like all browsers because, different browsers have different coding and functionality and I have a habit of keeping multi tabs opened, and one more function I always uses, is when you login into google mail or to any other google services, goggle keeps you login into its all products in the same browser, firefoxbut if you open google’s any other  service (product) in other browser it doesn’t shows you logged in. It is difficult to understand each functionality of every browser in theoretical way, it will be better that you keep all browsers on your desktop and keep using all of them, and you will understand all of them. Those are below listed.flock

Opera, One of the best browser I always like. 

Flock, Best for browsing and social networking.

Safari, Best appearance and fast.internet explorer

Chrome, Nice appearance, fast, new, small in size.

FireFox, Lots of plug-in, available for Windows and Linux and plenty of functions.safari

Internet Explorer, Oldest, for windows and and and............. 

Lets check all of these, and have fun, Its browser war.

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