Global Warming, "Arctic" Icecap Is Melting Faster,Save Earth

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As I was warning you from long time! At least wakeup now! A very big Tsunami will come and we all will despair like never before.Artic-ice-cap

In a latest report I read that the “Arctic” icecap is now shrinking at record rates in the winter as well as summer. It is been observed a disastrous melting near the “North Pole” .

By British Scientists “Arctic” is likely to melt much faster than had been thought , even some researchers are saying that the summer icecap could vanish within a decade.

Geophysical Research letter showed that in last winter the average thickness of sea ice over the whole “Arctic” was 26cm (10%) less than the average thickness of previous five winters. However sea ice in the western “Arctic” lost about 49cm from the whole thickness.

Usually the “Arctic” icecap grows in winter and recedes in summer. At Polar Observation and Modelling at University College London (UCL), “Katharine Giles” said the thickness of “Arctic” sea ice had shown a slow downward trend during the previous five winters but then accelerated. Also she said the winter ice melting nose dived.

Now you can imagine the picture of the feature, how the coming age is going to be! What you think why this is happening?

Do the Global warming is responsible for this?

And who is responsible for Global Warming?

Every one is knowing the answers now a days, but negligible percentage of people is even thinking about this.

Please dear friends (Freaks), I am requesting you to do, whatever you can do to save our Earth or Planet. Please do start from now and from you own home…..

We, this generation people have to do something about this….. We are having the power of Media, Communication, and Internet… Please spread this message by Phone, E-mail etc. And start to save the earth from now…

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Save Earth, Environment.

Save Earth, Environment, Water, Atmosphere.

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