Save Environment, Water, Electricity, Atmosphere, Energy, Planet Earth

Hi Freak friends,

Here I am giving you few methods of saving Atmosphere, Energy, Water, Environment, here we have to come together to save our Earth.

We have to work hard to save our Earth, and this can’t be done by a single person. To save environment and our Planet Earth we all have to come together and we should start working on individual levels.

We should come together and start our work in different Countries, in different States, in different Cities, in different Villages, and last but not least in our Homes.

We all have to work on individual level, we should start this from our homes.

Than and than only we will be able to save our Planet Earth, Atmosphere, Environment, Energy, and Atmosphere.

Soooo we will have to go Green. Start to beat Global Warming right from your Home.

1) Avoid unnecessary wastage of electricity in our own houses. Only required Tube Lights/Bulbs and the Electric equipments should glow in required rooms.

2) Unnecessary movements/rooming on bike or car should be avoided. It will save fuel and also controls pollution.

3) Go to near places by walk or by cycling, as this will save fuel and will maintain your health.

4) Plants or trees should be planted by every persons around its own house or in any open space, and should maintain plant or tree by watering and cleaning it till grows fully.

5) Motivate to other persons for plantation in the surrounding areas.

6) Plastics carry bags should be avoided to carry the goods or materials in our daily use. As it is nearly impossible to dispose by any methods.

7) Our daily wastages should be properly disposed, and try to recycle the materials.

8) Repair all taps into the home and company, to avoid water leaking and dropping continuously; as it waste lots of waters.

So friends I am requesting all of you to save water, environment, atmosphere, energy, earth by above methods because we are warming i.e. Global Warming.

1) Below is the Link of a nice site i.e Time.Com, It will give you the 51 ways to save Environment. Really its a nice site if you are a good human and wants a good life for your children in feature than be serious, really more serious.

51 Things We Can Do to Save the Environment

Can one person slow global warming? Actually, yes. You—along with scientists, businesses and governments—can create paths to cut carbon emissions. Here is our guide to some of the planet's best ideas.

Click below Link to know the 51 Things what we Can Do to Save Environment.

Also let me know if you have new ideas in your mind to save water, environment, atmosphere, energy and earth by comments.


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