India's First Mission Moon, Chandrayaan-1 Objectives.

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As I wrote in my last post about Chandrayaan-1 (Mission Moon of India) , Exactly on the launching day or you  can say, at launching hours.

I was so much excited at the time of launching… oh god I can’t even write in my post.PSLV-C11_Liftoff Chandrayaan-1

I was feeling just like a ISRO scientist, little happy, little anxious…

Here I would like to write about the purpose of Chandrayaan-1 or you can say about the Moon mission of India. Chandrayaan-1 (Moon Craft) is not a mere repetition of some of the previ­ous international flights, Like Nasa's Apollo and European Space Agency's Smart-I.

“Chandrayaan-1” (Moon Craft) cost approximately Rs. 386-crore.

First purpose of the mission is to prepare a three-dimensional (3D) atlas of both the near and far side of the moon.

An analysis of the lunar struc­ture and topography.

Study the age of the lunar sur­face while focusing on the evolu­tion of the moon.

Measure the thickness of the lunar regolith.

Explore the environment of the moon. Technology

Second purpose of the mission is to conduct a chemical and mineralogical map­ping of the entire lunar surface to ascertain the distribution of natural resources on the moon's surface. The resources will then be studied to see if they can be of any use for the earth or not. I think it may possible to get or discover any new chemical or substance on the moon. Ya.. it can happen as per me, there are chances of such occurrence…

Third an important aspect of the mission would be to find and locate helium-3 on the moon. This can be one of the clean­est fuels. If we can find and transport this fuel on earth than all the power (Energy) crises will be solved in India as well as for many countries in the world.

We (ISRO India) are also planning to launch a manned lu­nar mission in future.

Ahmedabad - based Physical Research Laboratory and Laboratories in foreign countries are handling all the scientific aspects and data of this Moon mission or Chandrayaan-1.

Time to time I will write all about Chandrayaan-1 India’s First Moon Mission…

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