Chandrayaan-1, India's Mission Moon.

Hi Freaks; Today is a historical day for me, as I did not slept to night. I am just reading and surfing on the internet; you may say that, I am passing out the time. No ! I am eagerly waiting for the launch of “Chandrayaan-1”(This word is in Hindi, in English it means “Moon-Craft” ). You may understand by this name that, there is also another Moon-Craft called Chandrayaan-2. I decided to see Live Launching of Chandrayaan-1 on my TV Set. That’s why I am did not slept whole night. Yes! Today morning India is launching “Chandrayaan-1”. India’s first unmanned moon mission, at Sriharikota (Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh, India) in ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation). It’s the Worlds 68th mission. This Moon-Craft (Chandrayaan-1) will be launched in PSLV-C11 (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) it is 44.4m tall launching vehicle. Chandrayaan-1 will be launched in PSLV-C11, India’s own grown rocket at 6.20AM (IST) on Wednesday 22 October 2008 i.e. today morning. The path and orbit of the Chandrayaan-1 or spacecraft is shown in the below picture.

At first Chandrayaan-1 would reach a highly elliptical orbit, after encircling the earth for a while, the spacecraft is taken into two more elliptical orbits whose apogees lies still higher at 37,00 Km. and 73,000 Km. respectively. This all will be done at very precise moment by firing the spacecraft’s Liquid Apogee Motor (LAM) when the spacecraft is near perigee. Subsequently LAM will be fired to take the spacecraft to a high orbit whose apogee lies at about 387,000 Km. when the Chandrayaan-1 will reach the vicinity of the Moon, the spacecraft will be oriented in a particular way and its LAM will be fired again, this will slow down the spacecraft sufficiently to enable the Gravity of the Moon to acquire into an elliptical orbit. It will map the Moon from a distance of approximately 100 Km. The Chandrayaan-1 will take 5 ½ day to reach the Moon. Actually I am little more excited as it is, only 15 minuets remaining to start the last countdown and I am going to see the Live launching of Chandrayaan-1 on my TV Set. In my next post I will publish further more details about the mission, goal, achievements, and construction of Chandrayaan-1. I think all Science freaks may be watching this event.

I Am Wishing Success To All Indian And World Scientists......

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