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SORRY MY DEAR SEARCH FREAK FRIENDS... I am little busy in my duty, because of MARCH ending concept in India... So please be patience.... and be with me... Send SMS for FREE all over INDIA 160by2 (a SMS Country initiative) endeavors to revolutionize the very concept of sending SMS - from a PAID service to a FREE service. You can now send unlimited personal SMS messages, 80 characters long, within India to all your near and dear. 160by2 allows YOU to send Free SMS up to 80 characters long. Advertisers are allowed to append a contextual advertisement to your SMS, making up the rest of the 80 characters. 160by2 = 80 for YOU + 80 for Advertisers. Thats why it is called 160By2. Based on the recipient's location, the time of the SMS sent and the text of your SMS message, 160by2 delivers the most relevant advertisement. Delivering contextual advertisements and related links is the key to provide YOU this FREE service. 160by2 stores and processes your SMS messages. This is a completely automated process with ABSOLUTELY no human intervention. Although there are free web-based or instant messaging SMS providers - some allow free messaging but the message is received in the form of a link and you are charged a premium rate for clicking on the link while some others allow you to send only limited number of free SMS (3-4 messages per user) - BUT, 160by2 enables YOU to send maximum of 50 messages a day subject to fair use policy up to 80 characters long. You can send only 10 messages to one particular number in a day You will have to register with this site (making login I.D. and Password). On successful registration, you shall receive a "password" on your mobile (with which you have registered on the web site.)You will have to register on site, by entering thepassword, which you received on your mobile. Using this "password" and the registered user name", You can logon to............ . And start sending FREE SMS . Its even more interesting if you have GPRS on your Mobile. If you have GPRS on your mobile than, you can log on to............ . And start sending FREE SMS direct from your mobile. ( But before, you have to register to the site through computer on ) So enjoy ... the SEARCH FREAK . I will be back soon.........

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