Hello to my all SEARCH FREAK Friends. I am sorry to all of you because of not updating my Blog from last 3-4 months. Actually I was not in my town from last 3-4 months . I went to PUNJAB , DELHI , than KOLKATA ; in the last months. It was a great fun to see different cultures , religions , and colour full peoples of INDIA .                                      I visited lots of Museums , Temples , Heritages , Gardens , Book Fairs , and Science Centers . It was really a great experience over all .                                      In Punjab I was in a small but fast developing city called BHATINDA ; than went to AMRITSAR , and WAGHA BORDER . All total I was in Punjab for about 50 Days.                                      In BHATINDA out side of the railway station there is a very common words among hotels , which they use to say to visitors is “AAOW JI BAOU JI” it means that “Please brother come and sit into my hotel” it sounds very sweat . "Jalia wala baugh" in AMRITSAR museum painting.It was very cool to see SARDARS or PUNJABI every ware. BHATINDA is one of the tax free region of the INDIA , that’s why I did lots of shopping from their . One of the very cheap item was very famous among my friends Alcohol and Alcohol every ware…………    I saw GOLDEN TEMPLE in AMRITSAR it is gorgeous , the word become true for me that “INDIA IS A GOLDEN BIRD” .   Now the time is for DELHI , this is the capital of INDIA . I was their for about 15 days. My center of attraction was CHANDNI CHOWK , it is a very big shopping zone of DELHI . You will get every thing starting from hanker chip to latest electronics gadgets . I saw many hot spot from DELHI . Traveled in METRO(newly started in DELHI) railway. Saw the lotous temple .Lot more things to say but…….. N o t…. F o r…. P u b l i c……………………                                      Now I was in KOLKATA with one and only my wife. I went to KOLKATA for her , because she was their from long time…. waiting for me to come and take her back to NASHIK . I enjoyed with her their for about 12 Days , there is a very famous sweet called RASAGULLA , made from milk product , that I was having 2-3 every day . Goddess DURGA festival in KOLKATA. I meet to my wives school friends , because of that she become very happy, soooo me toooo. Thus my 3-4 months story ends and now I am back for my SEARCH FREAK . Thanking you,                           Lets dip into the deep ocean of SEARCH , my FREAKS!!

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