Opera gives you mouse on your mobile

There is a mouse in your mobile have it... Hi...my SEARCH FREAK friends and OPERA fans... This is a new Browser introduces by OPERA for the MOBILE net surfers. Opera has revlutionised the browsing experience on mobile devices from many years. Opera also says it the fastest browser on earth,that also many Opera mobile users realised it, even I am the fan of Opera browser on Mobile as well as on PC. I think still their is no fastest Browser than Opera for Mobile. Now their is a new step towards Mobile Browsing from Opera. You can no longer complain that mobile devices do not offer the same pleasurable browsing experience as PCs do. Even if your phone does not have a stylus or touch screen, just install the Opera Mini 4 beta onto your mobile device. To do this, type http://mini.opera.com/beta on your Mobile Web browser, or simpely visit my blog http://www.searchfreak.blogspot.com Through your Mobile browser(you can also type the link below on your PC browser) and click this link http://mini.opera.com It install the beta version within seconds and takes you through a simple set-up process, you enter a new world of mobile browsing. Load the new browser and enter the wesite you want. You will get the same look and feel as on your PC's destop................. To see the demo video of Opera mini4 click on the link below.... http://www.operamini.com/beta/demo/ Their will be mouse pointer on your mobile screen.Selecting the webpage content through your new mouse pointer(mobile pointer moves through arrow key on your mobile) and clicking the center button it zooms the content. A little problem I come across is that, the login sites(site where you put your Login Name & Pasword) use to sense no user on site and use to auto Logout after few seconds. It has problems with Login sites.Thats ok because this is beta version. I have it on S60 Nokia mobile, & hope it will be compatible with many. Ok than friends enjoy the mouse pointer exprience on your Mobile. So friends enjoy Opera on your mobile with new feel.......

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