Nokia Battery Replacement

My dear Nokia friends...welcome to SEARCH FREAK after a long gap... I am writing this because i am Nokia fan that's all. I think you might be knowing about Nokia batteries problems... Their is nothing to be in panic about Nokia batteries. So please don,t take tension about replacing your batteries it will be done as soon as possible. For your further clarifications please read following points. A. Nokia has several suppliers for BL-5C batteries who have collectively produced more than 300 million BL-5C batteries. Nokia has issued an advisory which applies only to the 46-million batteries manufactured by Matsushita Battery industrial CO.Ltd of japan between approximately 100 incidents of overheating reported globally. No serious injuries or property have been reported. B. A product advisory share information that consumers should know. A product recall is a definite call to action. They issued a product advisory because the reliability of their products, and the safety of their consumers, is there top priority. Their efforts is to make sure you a BL-5C battery and know what to do in case of your phone has a BL-5C battery. C. Remove the battery from the phone. The battery will have "NOKIA" and the battery number printed on the front of the battery. Check if the number is BL-5C or not. D. On the reverse of the battery, the Nokia mark appears at the top and the battery identification number ( consisting of 26 characters) is found at the bottom. This 26 character code helps us identify whether your battery is covered under the advisory and need to be replaced. On identification your battery identification number, please contact them using of the following options. Nokia contacting methods :- 1. Please SMS BT<><26> and send to 5555. 2. Please call Nokia Care at 30303838 prefixed by your local STD code (or 080 if calling from landlines,india STD code it is ) and state your 26 character battery identification number. 3. please log on to (This is indian site for Nokia).Other countries can simply log on to and entry your 26 characters identification number. 4. Or directly go to the Nokia Battery replacement site page and put your 26 character battery identification number.Page is :- 5. Or simply go to your nearest Nokia service center,they can guide you in proper way. If your battery is covered under the advisory or problem, your will be advised to replace your battery. A new free Nokia battery will be delivered at your doorstep by courier in exchange of your old battery. For all other case which are not covered under this(as replaceable) you can safely continue to use the battery. Enjoy Nokia........

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