Growth In Electronics uChip, uProcessor, FPGA, CPLD

My brother bought one tape recorder; Sony M470. Once upon a time (6-7 Years ago) it was my dream to purchase this tape recorder. Sony M470 tape recorder is a mini tape recording and play back device. Sony M470 is sweet, slim and compact, I saw it usually in black colour; I don't know if it is available in other colour also. Still in many situations it (Sony M470) is being used for the secret recording purposes. You can read more about Sony M470 Mini Tape Recorder dicta phone & Specifications.  But what I thought is different, I am thinking that how fast the technology is changing! Few years ago these types of tape recorders ware very hard to afford by normal person and also it was not easy to get it in every shop, but now a days, nearly every mobile phone is having the facility of voice recording, video recording, photography and MP3 music playingsony m-470 tape recorder1 capabilities. Mobile phones has changed the way of living. Growth rate of electronics in the world can't be compared with any other growth. I remember that we ware use to design the projects and circuitry using discrete components (Basically my subject of knowledge is an Electronics) than we started using SMDs and now we use to play with Microcontrollers and Microprocessors. Now it seems that no circuits or projects can be made (build) or designed without the use of Micro Chips (Microcontrollers & Microprocessors). From last year I started to learn FPGA and CPLDs, the power of FPGA and CPLDs are tremendous, only I can say is “What You Can Imagine You Can Design” using these (also the power of GAL & PAL can't be ignored).

Their are lots of competitions in this field too, like any other businesses. Top manufacturers of semiconductor components and chips are already making the history every day, by designing new components. Top companies or the chip manufacturers  which are in my list are Lattice, Altera, Xilinx, Freescale, Microchip, Atmel, Renesas, Maxim, Actel, Farnell, Samsung. These all companies are doing their best to provide new technologies to the world by inventing every day new chips or ICs. (Here I am notXilinx CPLD writing the names of above companies in terms of their rankings, it is only in the way I thought the names, and it has no relation with ranking of the company). Let's see what we will see in the coming years...... really the growth of electronics is unimaginable and tremendous, it touched everybody.

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