Call through Twitter, Twitt Call To Your Friend.

Twitter become more popular in very short period of time. Now very soon you will be able to talk on twitter. But in other hand Indian government is planning to block all internet telephony for security purpose. A new beta service being launched by Jajah (a US Telco), which will allow users to call or talk to each other over twitter.

To initiate a call through twitter you simply have to tweet a reply to the person you want to talk-with and add the @call before the @username. If you want to call @abc, tweet: @call @abc. Here abc is a username. Remember to make sure that their should be a space between the two usernames and that no additional text is added to your message . Jajah will connect you and your friend with a call. twitter searchfreak

@call service of twitter (calling through twitter) is currently restricted only for the U.S. numbers and requires users to be eligible for the beta service. To check that you are allowed for the service or not; just log in to Jajah account and check under “My Services” in “My Account” page , if you see “Twitter Calls” than it seems that you are allowed for Twitter Calls, and if you don't see “Twitter Call”; than send an e-mail to to get an invitation, to call through twitter. Also see jajah on twitter. The call limit is of 2-minuets through @call on twitter. So hope soon we an Indians can also talk through Twitter. So start calling through twitter to your friend, what it will be called, CTwitt or TwittCall or ..... still the name is not defined.

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