Disable Auto Hyperlinks In Excel Trick.

Here is trick or you can say “How To Do” to disable hyperlinks in Microsoft Excel. In normal condition if you enter (write) any URL in Excel, it becomes automatically active. It not only happens with web based URLs but also server addresses, file paths or any data value that begins with the ‘//’ symbol, and thus it becomes very difficult if you really don't want it, even if it is a very useful feature, many are not comfortable with this feature of Excel. Yes you can manually remove hyperlinks, but it becomes very difficult if you have many such hyperlinks to disable. You can deactivate or disable this feature of Microsoft Excel with the following method or steps:

Click on the ‘Office’ button.

Click on the ‘Excel Options’ button.

Click on the ‘Proofing’ tab in the left panel of the ‘Excel Options’ dialog box.

Click the ‘Auto Correct Option’ button appearing under the ‘AutoCorrect Options’ section. In the dialog box, click the ‘AutoFormat As You Type’ tab option.

Uncheck the ‘Internet and Network Paths With Hyperlinks’ option.

Click ‘OK’ to close the ‘Auto Correct Options’ dialog box.

Than Click ‘OK’ to close the ‘Excel Options’ dialog box.

Automatic hyper-linking will be disabled for all Excel spreadsheets on your machine.

This method to disable hyperlinks in Microsoft Excel is for Office 2007. It may also work with other MS Office versions, but i have not tried.

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