Quick Launch Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows OS.

If you are using Windows OS on your computer, than it's possible that you are aware of Quick Launch Application. Quick Launch can launch the applications which you use frequently, with single click. To Add applications into your Quick Launch bar just you have to drag and drop the applications you want to add from your system or desktop on to the Quick Launch Bar. Just by single click of your mouse on quick launch bar application icon you can thus launch the application very easily.

What happen, if you are a keyboard geek! You would like to use key board short cuts for Quick Launch. So Here it is;

On Windows OS or in Windows Vista, you can also launch applications from the Quick Launch bar with the help of keyboard and without using mouse.

To achieve this: Just drag and drop a few application icons on the Quick launch bar.

Now press the Windows key and an appropriate number of quick launch application. Example: if the application is placed at 3rd position in Quick Launch Bar, than press Windows Key + 3, and if the application is in the 6th position, than just press Windows Key + 6 and so on..

After little experiments and frequent use of Windows key+Numbers you will remember your application shortcuts.

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