Twitt Videos On Twitter, With Twitvid.

Want to post videos on Twittter? Here is the solution. Twitvid is a site supporting to, from here you can twitt videos on your twitter account. twitvid logo Twitvid implies for twitter videos, their is no need for signup, as twitvid uses twitter accounts user name and password. You can upload videos to twitvid through various methods, using your mobile, computer uploading, recording through web cam. You can automatically share videos to YouTube, MySpace, Face Book through twitvid. Its micro blogging with video. You can easily delete your video after login with your twitter username and password. It’s also very easy to tweet videos from your mobile phones, for this you have to visit there you will notice a unique e-mail address for your account, E-mail your videos to this address and subject line  should contain the tweet.

Viewing videos on twitvid will let you recall the appearance of YouTube. Videos aretwitvid embedded in Flash, Comments, Embed, Link which are pretty similarly positioned. Visit HERE and start tweeting directly from their, with voice and videos on twitter and come closer to your Friends, Families, colleges and....

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