6 Dechlorination Methods For Aquarium Water.

As I wrote in my last post, about my aquarium (fish pond), due to chlorine water how my fish started dyeing within an hour. It was all because of Chlorine added water, in our tap for domestic use. The Chlorine added water is harm full for the fish in aquarium. So here the process of Dechlorination comes into the picture. Dechlorination of the normal drinking water is necessary if you want to use it for aquarium (Dechlorination is necessary only if your home water which comes through the water supplier having Chlorine or chloramine added into it, but most probably all water supplied for drinking, having little percentage of chlorine added into it, and it is not harm full for human beings).My Aquarium Fish2

If you want to use tap water or normal drinking water for aquarium, than you have to prepare tap water for aquarium use and that is nothing but Dechlorination. So what is Dechlorination? Or what is Dechlorinator? Dechlorinator is nothing but chlorine remover or water conditioner, chemical used to add into the chlorinated water for removing chlorine from normal water.

Dechlorination Method 1 To Remove Chlorine From Aquarium Water :- You can get the Dechlorinator from your local pet shop. Always ask the dose of the Dechlorinator to the shop from where you are purchasing always read the instructions on the label of Dechlorinator, how to use etc.. Normal dose of Dechlorinator is 1 Drop for 2 Gallon. You may be wondering about Gallon? and Litres? Ok! 1 Gallon(US) = 3.78541 Litres. Or 1 Litre = 0.2641 Gallon(US). Is it ok! You only need to treat new adding water with Dechlorinator. Only within 5 minuets water is Dechlorinated using Dechlorinator also it depends upon the quantity of water.  My Aquarium Fish1

Dechlorination Method 2 To Remove Chlorine From Aquarium Water :- Chlorine is very volatile. So keeping it stand still for 48 hours, it (chlorine) will evaporate from water. Than you can use the water for your aquarium. If your water is treated with chloramines than it become necessary to use Dechlorinator which can remove Chloramines from water.

Dechlorination Method 3 To Remove Chlorine From Aquarium Water :- Bubbling Air inside the water with air stone(machine used in aquarium to blow air) can remove Chlorine very faster from chlorinated water. But I will suggest you to keep bubbling through air stone for 24 Hours, and thus it will remove chlorine from tap water, and you can use it for your aquarium. Again, If your water is treated with chloramines than it become necessary to use Dechlorinator which can remove Chloramines from water. My Aquarium Fish3

Dechlorination Method 4 To Remove Chlorine From Aquarium Water :- Boil the water to be added in aquarium, and keep over night to cool. Pour (add) the fully cooled water in the aquarium. The boiling process evaporates the chlorine from water. You will not be able to boil all aquarium water at a time, so boil in small quantities, keep it to cool away from people, and only add the water to fish tank or aquarium after fully cooling. You can also fill your aquarium in day by day, using this process. But always make sure to match the temperature of water (aquarium water and the water which you are adding) before adding it to aquarium.

Dechlorination Method 5 To Remove Chlorine From Aquarium Water :- You can use bore water or bore wall or well water for your aquarium, as these water doesn’t contain high percentage of Chlorine or even it is Chlorine less. But some time bore or well water can contain other harmful chemical which can affect your aquarium fish life.

Dechlorination Method 6 To Remove Chlorine From Aquarium Water :- For your knowledge some commercial pond Dechlorinators are:- sodium thiosulfate, Sodium hydroxymethanesulphonate (called AmQuel), and Sodium hydroxymethane sulfinic acid (called Bio-safe). Caution:- Never try to use these chemicals yourself as a Dechlorinator, because you can’t decide the dose or percentages of theseDechlorinator Sodium Thiosulphate chemicals to be added in the water. These chemicals are highly concentrated, and can cause damage to you (Human being) and your aquarium fish. Publishers:-Those who like this article can publish it to their Website or Blog but be sure to give Link to this page Search Freak.

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