Life Record On Your Mobile,Phone Can Save Your Life.

If you got a I-Phone, than this i-phone can save your life. I-Phone have large touch screen colour display and a good access to web. The Mexico based company i-phone Life RecordLife-Record, found this i-phone an ideal for medical purposes. Now cell phone can save your life on the go. The company Life Record enabled physicians to view patients medical records through the cell phones. Recently life record announced the release of EMR v3.2.0, this release supports to Google Android, Black Berry Storm, Apple i-Phone. You can know more about EMR v3.2.0, at To know features of Life Record at . The technology is known as Web Ba sed Electronics Record system, till this technology includes GPS, Camera (Imaging), Secure Database and high speed Internet. Works in thisGoogle Android sector includes, Medical staff to measure the Arrhythmia of heart patients, track patients locations in an emergency and send assistance, schedule appointments, enrol as a new patient, telemedicine consultation, demographic tracking, Advanced Imaging, Access of MySQL-based data base, measure blood Sugar Levels, measure Blood pressure, Chronic Pulmonary disease, Asthama,

Another UK based t+ Medical company has created downloadable software to detect blood sugar level, another version monitors side effects of chemotherapy. They enable patients to transmit details of their treatments and condition to the central monitoring system. The use of GIS (Geographic Information System) will help in First Aid and admit the patient to the nearest hospital. Through GPS enabled phone at users end, will help to track patient every ware on the earth. Read more about t+Medical and their research/innovation at . Get into knowledge........

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