Locate Mobile No. STD Code, Free Mobile Software.

Now you can locate any mobile no. or any STD code within India on your mobile itself, without GPRS or Internet. Mobile No. Locator traces the mobile code or Information like, service provider, state, reference city etc. without GPRS or internet. Now you can easily find the location, and service provider, of the mobile no. of which you got the miss call. In this software you can also get the city name and the STD code of that city on your mobile phone itself. In this mobile no. locator software, all mobile number and STD code is valid for India only. So now you can easily get the information about mobile numbers, its state, reference city, service provider, STD codes of the city on your mobile it self. The software is for symbian phone and for windows mobile, application is developed in Java. It’s Freeware (means free software), size is about 0.07MB Download the Mobile number locator / STD code locator software for Free at http://internet4mobile.com/mobile_number_locator.aspx . For updating of the software keep visiting http://internet4mobile.com/mobile_number_locator.aspx

It is better that you try this software if you are a mobile phone user, or using symbian phone or windows mobile or java enabled mobile phones and of course you are an Indian. For more softwares and visit home page at http://internet4mobile.com/default.aspx . Get into knowledge and keep visiting http://searchfreak.blogspot.com with Himanshu Kumar.

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