Book Railway Ticket At IIT-Powai Post Office.

It’s a good news for the IIT students of Powai, now they can walk to the IIT Powai post office and book their railway tickets for long distance travelling along with reservations or waiting lists, as waiting lists are most popular terminology among the Indian railway passengers, we use to get it with no efforts, if you are one of the Indian railway passenger than you may understand what I mean. This facility is for all Powai residents too. iit powai bombay

This would be very much beneficial for the IIT Powai students, most of them are not from the city, and also for the International visitors. The Railway ticket booking for Powai residents, IIT-Powai students, are now available at IIT-Powai post office with all kinds of tickets for all class, and concessions. Ticketing at IIT-Powai can be done between 8 am to 3 pm on all working days. Also one more service has been started at the same post office is; facility for the payment of stamp duty.

So it’s the cheers time for all our Future Scientists (IIT-Powai Students). For more IIT-Powai local information (for new comers) visit

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  1. We need to pay Rs.15/- extra per ticket as service charge..


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