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A simple look at stem cell and banking

I think you may or may not be knowing about the Stem Cell technology and Stem Cell Banking. Here I would like to share few of my knowledge about Stem Cell. Now a day many middle class people is going for the stem cell banking in India.  Give life to your child by Stem Cell Banking

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that go on to develop into any of the more than 200 types of cell the adult human body holds, and can be used to replace or repair damaged cells, and have the potential to drastically change the treatment of conditions like cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease and even paralysis.

One question may come into your mind, that from where to get Stem Cell? Answer is ;
Embryonic stem cells are derived from the inner cell mass of a blastocyst: the fertilized egg, called the zygote, divides and forms two cells; each of these cells divides again, and so on. Soon there is a hollow ball of about 150 cells called the blastocyst that contains two types of cells, the trophoblast and the inner cell mass. Embryonic stem cells are obtained from the inner cell mass.Stem_cells_diagram

Stem cells can also be found in small numbers in various tissues in the fetal and adult body. For example, blood stem cells are found in the bone marrow that give rise to all specialized blood cell types. Such tissue-specific stem cells have not yet been identified in all vital organs, and in some tissues like the brain, although stem cells exist, they are not very active, and thus do not readily respond to cell injury or damage.

Stem cells can also be obtained from other sources, for example, the umbilical cord of a newborn baby is a source of blood stem cells. Recently, scientists have also discovered the existence of cells in baby teeth and in amniotic fluid that may also have the potential to form multiple cell types.

Recently, cells with properties similar to embryonic stem cells, referred to as induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) have been engineered from somatic cells.

In simple words we find stem cell in following way : The blood present in the umbilical cord (cord blood) is used to generate cell stems which help in cell regeneration.

Stem cells are normally found in bone marrow and umbilical-cords. They are the master cells responsible for productions of all the mature cells. They form the white cells that fight infection, the red cells that carry oxygen, the platelets that promote clotting and the cells of our immune system. Current research shows that "Menstruation fluid" also contains Stem cells. To read article on Menstrual blood, rich in stem cells, could save your life click this link

Now you can understand that why it is called stem cell, it is the stem of all the cells, which we need for the growth or production of our organs in the body.stem cell tree

The cost of harvesting, processing and storing stem cells is about Rs. 75,000 INR (in India currency), which is still quite expensive for the common man in India. 

Till now only the elite few were opting for stem cell banking. But with the introduction of a number of schemes even middle-class people are showing a lot of interest in getting their kid’s stem cells registered to ensure a healthy future is started in India

Bollywood stars of India has already started adopting stem cell banking. Few of the examples from bollywood adopting stem cell are “Farah Khan” who went in for this procedure when her triplets were born. Both she and her husband “Shirish Kunder” planned beforehand to opt for “Umbilical” stem cell banking-a process in which the umbilical cord blood is stored for future use of the stem cell. Farha khan and Shirish had read about cord stem cell banking and had decided to go in for it. She added, "It's a process all would-be parents, who can afford it, should go for. The stem cell banks take the umbilical cord and save it. In the future, if the child is afflicted by some illness, those cells are used. Saving the cord blood can someday save your child's .. life and help him/her fight many diseases like leukemia, thalas-saemia, anemia, etc. As I read in few documents and magazines, celebrities like Raveena Tandon, Hrithik Roshan, Mahima Chaud-hary, Rhea Pillai, Farhan Akhtar and even Gautam Singhania have opted for stem cell banking of then kids. Read more about Farha Khan Hi-Tech mother "umbilical" stem cell banking at

You can join the Stem Cell Research Forum Of India to know more in the field of “Stem Cell” India doing. The purpose of this society is to bring together those from the field of biological and medical sciences who have a common interest in the field of stem cell research and to promote scientific research in stem cell biology

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