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Hi.. Net Freaks; If you are a Blogger or a Webmaster than you might be knowing the importance of search engine submissions of your Blog or the Websites. Their are many search engines in the web world now a days, one of them is Alexa.... Many search engines use to crawl the websites automatically(without submissions to them). Their are different ways to submit Blogs and Webpages to search engines. I will let you know how to submit Blog or Webpages to different search engines one by one in my several posts. Today i am giving a link for you to submit Blog or Website to Alexa, Alexa is getting more popularity now a days. So it will be a better option to submit your Blog or Website to Alexa.Com and its very easy to submit Blog or Site to Alexa Click below link to submit your Blog or Websites to Alexa....... Than Freaks I will come soon with new search freaks.

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