Make Your Own Wallpaper, Download Free Picasa2 and Picasa3

Hi Freaks ; Today I thought to play with my computer without an internet. So I decided to make a Wallpaper for my Desktop. I used Picasa2 for making the Wallpaper. Below is the Wallpaper which I made using Picasa2 Software. You can have Free Download of this Wallpaper, as it is free to all Net Freaks. It has no copyright. If you will download this Wallpaper for your computer, than I will have proud of it. To Download this Wallpaper click on the picture.
Posted by Picasa Picasa2 is the free Photo editing software from Google. You can do lot more things about Photo Editing, Share your photos using Picasa2 software. You can also Download Picasa2 Free from Google. Below is the Link For You To Download Picasa2, Click on the Link to Free Download. Free Download of Picasa3 is also available, it is still in Beta version. Click below Link For You to Free download Picasa3. Ok Freaks Bye for now and happy using Picasa.

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