Secrets of Michael Phelps Olympic 2008

Hi Search Freaks, Today every ware is the craze of Gold Medal in 2008 Olympic Game So here i come up with the secrets of Michael Phelps for winning so many Gold Medals in this 2008 Olympic Game.

Might India not have medaled a lot in the last 21 Olympic Games history,

Here not to be surprise that its an Indian scientist who has been inquiring into the secrets with which American swimmer Michael Phelps is winning so many Gold (Sorry it should be Goldsssss Medalsssss) Medals; Till now he won 7 gold and only 1 gold to win to break the World Record.

In this Olympic this year Avhinav Bindra won the India’s first individual Gold Medal after we have participated in 21 Olympic Games. Before Abhinav Bindra there was Milkha Singh who won the Gold Medal for India individually as athletes.

1) Below is the Abhinav Bindra’s Blog link, Click on his link to have look on his blog, to have direct conversation with him, and to congratulate him.….

2) Also have Little information about Abhinav Bindra on Wikipedia

Ok, now coming to the point…

It’s an Indian scientist Rajat Mittal who has been studying American swimmer Michel Phelps. IIT Kanpur alumni and George Washington University researcher Rajat Mittal has spent the past five years studying Michel Phelps and his dolphins kick, also known as the “Berkoff Blastoff” after the Harvard back-stroke who used it the first time at the Olympic 20 years ago to won the 7 Gold Medals. It all began when Rajat Mitttala a professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, got involved in a US Navy projects to study the Dolphins, thought to be the ultimate swimmers. In collaboration with USA Swimmers, Rajat Mittal and his colleagues began studying the fluid dynamics with around 50 American Swimmers, eventually finding that of all of them, Michael Phelps was able to use his body “in a way that is very, very different from the other athletes and much closer to Dolphins, then they have seen for any other swimmers. Actually Michael Phelps is able to straighten his massive size 14 feet to a greater angle (its about 15degree) than any other swimmers, to reduce resistance. Almost 90% of the thrust is getting used for swimming which is coming from the foot. And the flatter and bigger your foot is, you essentially have a bigger paddle , Michaels foot size and the angle he generates with it plays a big role in is ability to swim very well.

3) Official site of Michael Phelps Click below 4) Know more about Michael Phelps on Wikipedia 5) Here is the details of Rajat Mittal Scientist and Engineer Click below to know more about him. Ok Friends Enjoy the Olympic 2008 and tell me what you think...... Yours

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