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Yesterday Night .. My spouse, told me to put Mehandi on her hands.This sudden decision come into her mind because of this Shravan Month (An Indian Hindi Month). In this month Indian ladies or girls use to put Mehandi on their hands or feet.

In Indian culture married women, ladies puts Mehandi in this Shravan month is the Sign of Love for their husbands and also for the long life of their husbands…. generally widows do not puts Mehandi in the month of Shravan.Unmarried women or girls use to put Mehandi on their hands or feet in the month of Bhadrapad (An Indian Hindi Calendar Month after Shravan)… for the Love of their brothers or for the good wishes for their brothers.

So I said ok and started to put Mehandi on her hand (Palm)..It took about 1.5Hrs to complete a Mehandi design on her hand and feet. So I would like to share some information about Mehandi as follows :

* Mehandi is knowh as Henna in Urdu language…

* Mehandi is the name of a tree…

* Crushing the leaves of Mehandi tree…and putting it on the hands(palm) for about ½-1Hrs results a permanent mark on palm in Red colour..

* Henna (Mehandi) grows in hot climates and can be found in most Middle Eastern countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Persia, Morocco, Egypt and India. The natural dyeing properties found in henna are Tannins. There is some historical evidence that Mehandi as a ceremonial art form was in ancient India. Indian henna has been found to be the best for Mehandi, particularly Indians doing Mehandi use fine, thin lines for lacy, floral and paisley patterns covering entire hands, forearms, feet, and shins. African Mehandi patterns are bold, large geometric designs, usually black.

Why to put Mehandi ?

Unlike permanent tattoos, a lifetime commitment to your Mehandi design is not required as the designs automatically fade over time. Generally in 1 to 4 weeks, but it will depend on the which of your body the Mehandi design is, and how long the paste was left to set. The less exposed to soap, water and rubbing, the longer your design will last.

Links for more information on Mehandi (Henna).

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So friends, You are in India or Abroad…. It doesn’t matter…. Enjoy the colors of Mehandi (Henna) in this season ……. & be happy, live happy, because every ware, The life is Like that… Yours

Below is the Mehandi design or pattern which I put on my spouse hand, another one is a plant of the Mehandi (Henna).All designs made by me...

All Mehandi (Henna) Designs, Patterns Mede by me.... Pls.. Comment if you like the designs.

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