India Laptop 10$ to 100$ IIT Madras.

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A low-cost laptop being developed by the Indian government, which is going to cost US$100 when available, and not $10 as was earlier stated by the government. A spokesman for Minister of State for Higher Education, D. Purandeswari, said on Wednesday that the price of the laptop would in fact be US$100 rather than $10. In a transcript of the speech delivered by Purandeswari at a conference in Delhi on Tuesday, the Minister was quoted as saying that the government aims to provide $10 laptops to students. The transcript has been updated subsequently to reflect the new price of the laptop. Research on the low-cost laptop is being already carried out at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras.
Here is the site of IIT Madras, Click if you want to know more activity from IIT Madras.
The government did not however provide information on the specifications of the laptop, or this bottom price is including subsidy from the government. The Indian government is planning to use information and communications technology (ICT) to strengthen its current programs for distance learning by making them accessible online, Purandeswari said. As part of this new "National Mission in Education through ICT", the government is also working on developing a very low-cost and low-power-consuming access device, according to Purandeswari. The government also plans to make available free bandwidth for education purposes to every Indian. It plans to use this bandwidth to build a "knowledge network" between and within institutions of higher learning in the country. India's Internet penetration is currently very low. The country had 4.38 million broadband subscribers at the end of June for a population of over 1.13 billion. A number of local and multinational companies like Microsoft and Intel, and NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) have been working on technology for education. Reliance Communacation is playing main Hero roll here. Reliance Communication (ADAG) has been tie up with One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) foundation. Through this collaboration, Reliance Communication would now be providing Internet connectivity, network and logistics to the OLPC’s India initiative. Under this initiative Reliance Communication will provide its state-of-the-art network that would cover over 25,000 towns and 6,00,000 Indian villages by March 2008. As Mrs. Tina Ambani said “Every child has the right to education. Reliance Communication is going to facilitate that right. This is not a laptop but an educational programme which will promote e-learning in the country. India’s economy is growing at a rapid pace. We need to to impart quality education to children. The education system has to be more student-friendly. It has to be fun-filled for them.” OLPC Progamme is now running successfully in a tribal village at Khairat (near Karjat, Maharashtra) with OLPC XO laptops and teacher training for incorporating the new way of imparting education.
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