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Taking forward its initiative of launching the first ultra portable notebook in India. HCL

Infosystems has introduced a new range of power efficient ‘Neutron’ desktops. This new HCL desktop PC ’Neutron’ based on new Intel Atom technology, occupies 85% less space and consumes 76% less energy as compared to the products available in the market. The ‘Neutron’ desktop is more affordable and is ideal for the enterprise and small businesses alike, as it significantly minimizes the total cost of ownership by addressing the challenges like space, power, acquisition cost and overall PC maintenance and management expenses. Atom is Intel’s smallest processor built with the world's smallest transistors. Based on Intel Atom, HCL also announced the launch of a new desktop PC and the next variant of MiLeap, the ultra portable range of laptops. MiLeap’s affordability, lightweight and compact size makes it very convenient to use while on-the-move. Being in line with HCL’s vision of making technology relevant and affordable to every Indian, the launch of new desktop will also prove to be a significant step towards environment friendly computing.

With increasing awareness for the environment and also with the issues pertaining to power availability in both urban and rural India this next generation PC will prove to be much more power efficient.

New Range of power efficient ‘Neutron’ Desktops * Less Power consumption up to 76% * Occupies less space by 86% * Affordable * High Speed * Lower Total cost of ownership The new MiLeap, the ultra portable range of Laptops from HCL comes with features which offers complete notebook functionality packed in an ultra portable form factor. Weighing just 1.2 Kg this new MiLeap comes with a 10” screen, user friendly keyboard and integrated web camera. Taking forward the legacy of India’s first ultra portable laptop this fully functional notebook comes with a 1 GB RAM and 80 GB hard disk with fully functional Windows operating system, thus making it ideal for students, first time buyers and on-the-go professionals. Intel Atom Based Next generation HCL MiLeap * Sleek design * Latest Intel Atom Processor * 10” screen size * 80 GB HDD * Fully functional Microsoft OS * Web Camera * Light weight (Approx 1.2Kg) * Affordable * High Speed ‘MiLeap’ one of the most comprehensive range of ultra portable laptops in the world, offering entry level models for first time users, mid range for the regular and more frequent users; and high end touch screen tablet MiLeap for professionals and tech geeks, offering a complete computing experience on-the-go. For more information you can click on the link below this is the hcl company site. 1) www.hcl.in 2) Also click below labnon forum to read good advice on HCL laptops http://www.labnol.org/forums/topic/my-hcl-laptop-hang-when-i-use-linksys-router-wrt300n 3) Also click below to read on laptopsindia.in about HCL Laptops, and the below site is also good guide for buying your own laptops new, used, price list etc. http://laptopsinindia.in/hcl-laptop.htm With this launch India will have wide price range and variety to choose from….

Price(Approx.) :-

Neutron :- Rs 16,666. Atom-Based MiLeap :- Rs 22,990.

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