Hi….! First of all VERY-VERY THANKS to one of my SEARCH FREAK friend, For his/her first ever Comment on this BLOG. He/She suggested me about NIMBUZZ. So I was testing it from last couple of days, what I found is: - ## It is very good for communications on mobile out of state or foreign countries or on yourIM. ## Yes it’s VOICE COMMUNICATIONS on mobile through internet (GPRS). ## Your VOICE CALL flows through GSM---->GPRS---->GSM. ## So it charges you the local call rate as per your provider while you are calling to some IM or your friend out of the country. ## I felt little insecure because we use to provide our goggle, yahoo, MSN, or skype ID & PASSWORD to the third party. ## It is not 100% free, but if your calling more to foreign country Or out of your local area coverage, than it seems 100% free. ## Will take little time to understand or learn the software. So be patient. After all, you are their to decide it all, so go and get it. Happy voice talk. ## http://www.getjar.com/products/6865/Nimbuzz

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