Hello World    The SEARCH FREAK is on the net again; Have VOICE COMMUNICATTION from your MOBILE through GPRS (internet) all over the WORLD. OK; Now I am giving you the LINKS for FREE VOICE chatting softwares for mobiles, these free voice chatting softwares are supported by the JAVA enabled phones, whatever it may be Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia Etc. To have Voice chatting through these free softwares you will need GPRS (Not WAP) to be enabled, or in short you will need internet connection on your mobile phones. There are many types of technologies for internet connections on mobile, Ex. WAP, GPRS, EDGE Etc.. WAP uses low band width as compare to GPRS; GPRS have high speed data communications on mobile phones. Still EDGE & other technologies are in testing mode so far in INDIA. So, for now you just need GPRS connection on your mobile phone, is it ok ? Better if you have unlimited GPRS data plan on your phone, so that it will charge you less (in INDIA). Now as per my point of view the ranking should be as :- 1. This wap & web site gives you the direct download of the software. This software is excellent for VOICE COMMUNICATON over GPRS through your mobile phones. This software supports 30 seconds of VOICE COMMUNICATIONS in one shot (30 seconds of upload and 30 seconds of downloads). Even you can send PHOTOS and naturally TEXT MESSAGES. This software does not charges you any thing. The only charges will be from your GPRS data service provider. 2. This wap site gives you the direct download of VC (voice communicator, the name of the software). This software is very easy to use. You can send 3-4 seconds of VOICE messages to the whom you are chatting, for doing so you have to just press the GREEN button for 2 seconds, which you have on your phone for dialing (making the calls) numbers. More over you can send PHOTOS from your GALLERY & naturally TEXT MESSAGES too. This software does not charges you any thing. The only charges will be from your GPRS data service provider. 3. Now here the GOOGLE is on the way for you again. This is the software called GoTalkMobile from GOOGLE for JAVA enabled Cellphones. This is the best software for Gmail users or for those who have account with google services, here you can sign in with the same user ID and PASSWORD which you use on google. This is very same as the GoogleTalk on the PC, but this(GoTalkMobile) software does not supports VOICE COMMUNICATIONS on the mobile phone. Google persons are still working on the software to provide us better performances……………………… 4. This is the download link for google Talk on your PC,but again here you have to create an account with the google services or Gmail. # Mig33 Here I will not recommend you Mig33. **** Air Way Chat & VC will need you to sign in with the new user ID & PASSWORD, software remembers both at the time of login, but still keep your ID & PASSWORD safely for future uses. **** GoTalkMobile will need you to sign in with the Gmail(or Google services) The LINKS given here with WAP tag (Except are only can be opened by mobile phone browser(Phone Browser or Opera for mobile etc.) So if you are browsing through PC currently than don’t click on the LINKS with WAP tag , remember the LINKS and have access(Download) through your mobile browser, and if you are browsing through mobile phone currently, then definitely click on the LINKS and have fun………………….. Better you try all three and have FREE VOICE COMMUNICATION, as I am on all……………………………….. Please feel free to comment and ask about special subjective web sites. Hope you will enjoy....

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  1. You might want to check out Nimbuzz. Works perfectly on my N95!!


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