Download Free CMS,Wordpress New Version For Blog

Here is a good news for all Wordpress CMS users, that the new version
of Wordpress is released. Wordpress is very famous content management
system (CMS) software among bloggers.
Wordpress CMS version 2.9 is available for download, in fact hopefullywordpress logo
if you are using wordpress CMS than you already saw a notice about it
in your dashboard and clicked the update button. If not than you can
download it from here: It's had over half a million downloads
already, and counting!
Some of the new features of new Wordpress version are global
undo/trash, built-in image editor, batch upgrades, plug-in
compatibility checker, and easier embeds. You can read all about it
and watch a intro video here:
Enjoy new Wordpress version of CMS. Happy Blogging. Become Search
Freak Keep Visiting

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