Connect Windows Mobile To Computer With Wi-Fi.

If you are having laptop with WLAN (WI-FI), and a Windows mobile with WI-FI, than it is possible to connect it together wirelessly. Using this(Wi-Fi Remote) WIFI free software you can connect any windows mobile (Windows Phone 6.0, or Windows Phone 6.1 or Windows Phone 6.5), to your laptop, the only thing is that both Mobile and Laptop should have WI-FI (wifi) in their specification. You don't have to install any client software into your computer, only you have to install a small software in your windows Wi-Fi Remote Accessmobile.

What you will do after connecting your mobile phone with your laptop? Ok here you can browse and explore the content of your mobile phone direct in your laptop, you will be able to browse data, picture, and also can play your favourite music into your laptop or computer from your windows mobile phone, this free software also allows you to play with the registry of your windows mobile phone(Don't touch to registry if you are not familiar with the registry, it can damage your phone permanently).

How you will connect your Windows Mobile(HTC Touch, HTC Diamond or any other make with Windows mobile as OS)? It's very easy, just switch on the Wi-Fi of both devices (Mobile Phone and Computer), Start the WIFI Remote Access software into your mobile phone, than open your web browser into your computer, and type the IP address of your phone (which is displayed on your phone screen, by WIFI Remote Access software).Internet Explorer (6, 7 or 8) users on Windows XP or Vista (with .net framework 3.5 sp1 installed) or Windows 7 (.net framework 3.5 sp1 already included) will be able to browse their pictures from a 3D XBAP (XAML Browser Application) / WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) based user interface. They will also be able to upload multiple files at once through this interface.WiFi Remote Access Computer Browser

To read more and Download WIFI Remote Access Visit HERE, WIFI Remote Access is the free software to connect Windows Mobile Phone with your computer through Wi-Fi. Don't switch ON your Windows Mobile Phone's Wi-Fi in public place, your mobile phone can be hacked.

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