What & How much You Can Store In A USB Pen Drive.

Now as days Pendrives are more hotter than laptops and mobile phones. In the shorter period it is rewarded by many names and you may also know these names, are USB drives, Pen drives, USB stick, and flash USB etc. It's a storage device, made up of NAND or NOR type flash memory and a USB serial bus connector attached to it. Many people are wondering about the storage capacity of USB pen drives, I mean to say that they are confused about some genuine questions in their mind Ex. How much songs a 2GB USB pen drive can hold, how many photos can be stored on various pen drives (1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB...... 32GB,128GB USB Pen drives etc.), how many hours of videos can be stores, what the capacity of a USB pen drive means, what and how much we can store on a pen drive. Answer to all of your questions are given below, read it carefully and get understand that how much you can store on a pen drive. USB PenDrives

Pen Drives are replacing Cds, DVDs, Floppy drives and even Hard Disks. USB Pen drives are becoming number one (1) among users only because of read and write capability, fastest communication between USB Pen drive and Computer, Very light weight, Smaller in size (USB pen drives can size between 1 inches to 4 inches), easy to carry, easy to hide, cheaper than any other storage devices, USB pen drives are available in many capacities (from 512MB to 128GB and even more higher capacities are available easily), reusable, very less chances of crashing, does not require any hardware for operation(to read and write) like floppy drive and cd/DVD drives etc. usb sockets are available to nearly every computers now a days, USB pen drives typically have a 10-year data retention capability or more, more reliable due to lack of moving parts and can be read, written and erased many times.

To know “How much songs or photos or how much long videos you can store on various (different sized pen drives from 1GB to 128GB) USB pen drives, you should first know what is GB, MB and KB. OK ! Write down on a paper or just remember it:- 1000 Bytes = 1 KB, 1000 KB = 1MB, 1000 MB = 1GB.

KB = Kilobytes, MB = Mega Bytes, GB = Gega Bytes.

So here remember that 1 Song can consists of 1 MB to 6 MB (General average is 4 MB). 1 Photo can consist of minimum 1.3 Mega Pixels, 1280*960 resolution and can take space between 200 KB to 500 KB (Average is 300 KB). Photos of 10.2 MP (Mega Pixels) having resolutions of 3648*2736 and can take memory space from 3 MB to 6 MB(Mega bytes) average of memory space taken by 10.2 MP camera is 4.5 MB. Below is a general table to show that how many photos, songs, or videos you can store on different sized USB Flash pen drives also you can calculate it your self by considering above units i.e. KB, MB, GB.

USB Capacity Photos Videos Songs
512 MB Up to 1200 Up to 160 Minuets Up to 10
1 GB Up to 2400 Up to 320 Minuets Up to 240
2 GB Up to 4800 Up to 640 Minuets Up to 480
4 GB Up to 9600 Up to 1280 Minuets Up to 960
8 GB Up to 19200 Up to 2560 Minuets Up to 1920
16 GB Up to 38400 Up to 5120 Minuets Up to 3840
32 GB Up to 76800 Up to 10340 Minuets Up to 7680

Above shown value can change as per the size of your songs, quality of the videos and Mega Pixel(Resolution) of the Photos these are all optimum values, or you can easily calculate the number of photos, videos, and songs to be stored into your USB Pen Drives or Flash Drives. Also read How To Protect Your USB Pen Drives.

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