Translate Your Site/Blog With New Google Translator.

Translate your website with Google Translator Increase your readers globally. Now you can translate your Blog or Website automatically(without any effort) in more than 50 languages. Actually translating millions of websites globally is not an easy task, but now it is possible because of Google, and you don't have to do any thing.

A new website translator gadget powered by Google Translate that enables you to make your site's content available in 51 languages. Now, when people visit your page, if their language (as determined by their browser settings) is different than the language of your page, they'll be prompted to automatically translate the page into their own language. If the visitor's language is the same as the language of your page, no translation banner will appear.

Google Translator New

After clicking the Translate button, the automatic translations are shown directly on your page.Blogger third party gadget

It's easy to install — all you have to do is cut and paste a short snippet into your webpage to increase the global reach of your blog or website. If you are using Blogger to write your blog, than just copy and past the google translator code in HTML third party widget, any ware you want (I embed Google translator in my sidebar as you can see) and save you template that's it !

Google Translator New chines

Automatic translation is convenient and helps people to get a quick gist of the page. It is possible to get some grammatical errors in translated site or blog as it is an automated translation.

Google Translator New1

These translators play an essential role in enabling global communication, and with the rapid growth and ease of access to digital content, the need for them is greater than ever. We hope that professional translators, along with translation tools such as Google Translator Toolkit and this Translate gadget, will continue to help make the world's content more accessible to everyone. You can get the translator code of Google translator from Google Translator Gadget .

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