CD, DVD Burning Software Form Nero, Nero Linux 4

You might be knowing the name of Nero, Nero is very much famous among Windows users for writing or burning CDs and DVDs. It's a very old cd, dvd writing software. Nero is best in it's area. Windows Vista has inbuilt CD & DVD burning facility, but frankly speaking I lost my 4 DVD and 8 CD, while writing or burning through Windows Vista inbuilt burning application and lost many of my family photos, and downloaded videos (it's another thing that I recovered it latter). The only cause I think was that (a) I was writing many files part by part i.e. You can say multisession (b) I ejected the DVD drive before completion of the process (this I am only assuming, how the burning software can eject before writing or burning process? ) ok. I consider my fault and responsibility for damaging my Cds & DVDs. But it proves that because of these cases (accidents) with many users makes burning software essential and useful.nero linux4

Ok here Nero don't wants to stay behind, that's why Nero introduced new version named as Nero4 for the linux users. Nero launched burning, ripping and copying solution to advanced and beginner Linux users. For advanced Linux users the Nero Burning ROM platform continues with enhanced audio and data file support. For beginner Linux users, the user-friendly, wizard-style interface, Nero Linux Express 4, provides easy, guided steps for burning audio and data in one go. Nero Linux 4 is the only application to offer blue laser data burning support, including support for Blu-ray Disc.

Nero Linux 4 is now two separate, versatile applications that bring the most reliable burning, ripping, and copying solution to advanced and beginner Linux users. I want to say all Linux users that Nero burning application is not free to use, as all linux users are habited of using free softwares tagged with GPL ( but circumstance changes for enterprise and professional Linux users). Linux users are already having plenty of free CD & DVD burning, writing and copying applications or softwares but if you will compare it with Nero than Nero is giving much more to their users, Nero linux4 features are good, that they knows very well.

System requirements for Nero 4 for Linux users are:- Linux kernel 2.4 or higher (2.6 recommended) with X-Window, Glibc 2.3.6 and libstdc++6 4.1.1 (or higher), GTK+ 2.8.0 (or higher)

Processor and installed memory:- 800 MHz Intel® Pentium® III processor, AMD Sempron™ 2200+ processors or equivalent, 128 MB RAM

Hard disc space:- 50 MB for program installation

Optical device:- CD, DVD, Blu-ray, or HD DVD recordable or rewritable drive for burning

Supported Distributions:- Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, SuSE Linux 10.3, Fedora 7, Debian, GNU/Linux 4.0, Ubuntu 7.04.

Few Features of Nero 4 for Linux users are :- Command line client, Highest-quality and space-saving storage of MP4 audio files through Advanced Audio Coding (AAC). ISO 9660 CD/DVD/BD (Joliet support), Audio CD (CD-DA), CD, DVD, BD, CD-Text, CD-Extra support (with advanced settings), NEW ISOLINUX Bootable CD/DVD/BD, Multisession CDs, DVDs, BD Discs, Layer Jump Recording support, DVD-Video and miniDVD (from DVD-Video files), DVD double layer support, .nrg/.cue/.iso image import, Over burning support for CD and DVD, Ultra-Buffer™ software buffering technology, Speed tests and simulated burning, Data verification after burning, NEW BD defect management (enable/disable) helps to verify sectors for clean burning, and ensures data is burned accurately. For more reading and download visit Nero Linux 4 official site, get ride with trial version before actual.

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